Bodrum Health Foundation was established with the aim of increasing the awareness of the society on disability and its problems, providing vocation to disabled people and integrate them and their families into social life. Bodrum Health Foundation works hard on providing world-class service with its professional staff, as well as physiotherapy and personal development services determined by the Ministry of National Education. Bodrum Health Foundation keeps developing new projects in cooperation with local administrations in order to make urban facilities suitable for disabled people. In order to achieve its purpose, it continues to work in cooperation with local, national and international related non-governmental organizations, institutions and organizations.

By participating to Bodrum Half Marathon, all runners will support our special friends. Because love does not recognize any obstacles.


Bodrum Half Marathon will be held in the first week of October with its 21K – 10K – 5K courses embracing history and beauty. Myndos Gate, Antique Theater, Bitez and Kumbahce beaches await all running lovers and their families.